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Nationally Bid, Locally Awarded

Imagine the buying power and expertise of 29 state agencies working together.  That's AEPA, bringing you nationally bid contracts designed to meet state bid law requirements.


​In 2006, Oakland Schools partnered with the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), a group of Educational Service Agencies and political subdivisions organized for the purpose of establishing a universal bid and awarded operating contract.  AEPA's mission is to cooperatively serve qualified agency memberships (28 in the U.S.) through a continuous effort to explore and solve present and future purchasing needs.  AEPA works on the behalf of members to secure multi-state volume purchasing contracts with benefits that are measurable, cost-effective and continuously exceed expectations.  To learn more about AEPA, go to

Recently Awarded Categories:                     #023 Solicitations Coming Soon: 

Career & Technical Education                                                         Audio Visual Integration

Disaster Recovery                                                                                  Custodial  Supplies and Equipment 

E-Rate                                                                                                            MRO

Event Seating & Staging Solutions                                                Office Supplies and Equipment 

Furniture                                                                                                      School and Instructional Supplies

Health & Wellness                                                                                  Technology Buy Back 

Institutional Kitchen Equipment

LED Lighting