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Environmental Testing and Consulting (ETC) has provided drinking water collection and testing for its clients, including schools, homeowners, commercial and industrial for nearly thirty years.  Children may be at risk from elevated levels copper, lead and Coliform bacteria in drinking water due to the pipes, plumbing fixtures, and plumbing materials/components found in their school and child care facilities.  Because children spend a significant amount of time in these settings, it is important to determine whether their drinking water sources contain elevated lead levels that can impact their health.  Elevated levels of lead can cause damage to the brain, red blood cells, and kidneys especially for young children, and copper can cause stomach and intestinal distress and liver or kidney damage. Currently, ETC is conducting Environmental Investigations including drinking water collection for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) according to Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) protocols.

As you weigh the need to acquire environmental services to meet the requirements of Water Collection and Testing for Schools, we would like you to consider the qualifications and expertise of ETC.  If you should have any questions regarding the enclosed information, or would like additional information or references, please do not hesitate to contact our main office at (800) 864-3236.

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