Power Distributors

Sourcewell contract 062117-PWR gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Small engines

  • Air filters

  • Carburetors and carburetor parts

  • Chainsaws and accessories

  • Fuel treatment and storage

  • Generators and parts

  • Lawn mowers and parts

  • Mower blades

  • Oils and lubricants

  • Oil filters

  • Spark plugs and ignition parts

  • Pressure washers and parts

Contact Person: Tim Snell

Contact Email: tim.snell@powerdistributors.com

Phone: 614-767-7986

Company Website:  

Cooperative Program: Sourcewell

Contract No: 062117-PWR

Contract Expiration Date: 8/18/2021

Category: Facilities

Sub Category: Generators & Related Equipment

Company Type: Company