Trace Analytical Laboratories

Trace Analytical Laboratories, Inc. was born from a revolution of environmental awareness in 1989 by U.S. Navy veteran, William Schroeder, Jr., Ph.D., a scientist and academician with a vision for the future and a commitment to creating a cleaner environment.

Since its establishment, Trace has been continuously building an experienced team of highly qualified analysts to take on the routine and custom analytical needs presented by our clients. Many members of the Trace team have been with the company for over 20 years and possess the knowledge and expertise that derive from that experience.

In 2016 Trace was purchased by Mr. Brad Hilleary, a businessman well known for his involvement in the chemical industry, and a key supporter of our local community. Mr. Hilleary will continue to expand Trace‚Äôs scope of work and update laboratory instrumentation as new technological advances are made. With the support of Dr. Schroeder and the extensive knowledge of our team, Trace will become even more active in environmental projects throughout the U.S. while staying current with innovative analytical methods.


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