Williams Scotsman

Williams Scotsman

We are passionate about solving space problems. It began with the creation of an office on wheels that could move along with crews as they built miles of interstate highways in the 1950s. It continues to evolve today with panelized products that can be configured in a multitude of ways to thoughtfully curated packages – our 360⁰ Service™ packages with a mix of furniture, appliances and add-ons –that outfit your mobile office with everything you need to be “ready to work”.

What prompts the need for additional space? The most typical reasons are company growth, new construction, renovations, changes in school population or legislation setting the size of classes, and disasters created by both natural and man-made origins. It can also be dictated by practicality and timing. Compared to traditional construction, modular buildings are ready for occupation faster and easy to expand, reduce, relocate or remove.

Whether you choose one of our solutions by industry, end use, or specific model, we want to make your leasing experience easy, efficient, and economical. With the addition of our 360⁰ Service™ packages, that ease of doing business is increased tenfold.

The passion that began over fifty years ago is rekindled every time we connect with our customers. For us, there are no space problems just solutions.

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