​X-IO is a recognized innovator within the storage industry leveraging over 10 years of advanced design beginning as Seagate’s Advanced Storage Architecture. X-IO features the Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) family of high performance, reliable and proven enterprise all-HDD and flash-enabled hybrid storage arrays. X-IO customers enjoy the consistent and reliable performance their ISEs provide. The ISE advantage enables unlimited scalability, predictable performance and low TCO for the most demanding environments.  X-IO is used by over 1,000 enterprise customers worldwide. Purpose built for the cloud, desktop and server virtualization and database management systems, you can rely upon the only self-healing storage system that produces no pain on RAID rebuilds, uses advanced, continuous tiering technology – that delivers SSD performance – AND comes with a no-cost, 5-year hardware warranty. Its storage so good, it’s fast forever.

Contact Person: Tricia Kozlowski

Contact Email: tricia.kozlowski@x-io.com

Phone: 719.388.5427

Company Website: Xiotech

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Contract Expiration Date: 6/30/2018

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