Ward's Science

Contract Highlights:

  • Aggressive discounts on science supplies, with free shipping on many items
  • Premium-quality, hands-on products for every subject and grade level
  • One-on-one support from in-house scientists and educators
  • Time-savings resources and services to drive efficiencies
  • Pre-approved E&I pricing means no need for comparison shopping
  • Access to the supplies you’re looking for at a price and quantity that meets your school’s unique needs
  • K-12 Annual E-Commerce (B2B) Rebate on sales made through an e-commerce platform
  • K-12 Specific Market Basket to demonstrate district savings.
  • Covid-19 Support Resources for Distance Learning
  • Hands-On Lab Kits for Distance Learning
  • Ward’s Preserved Dissection Bundles for Distance Learning

Contact Person:

Contact Email:

Phone: 800-932-5000

Company Website: https://www.wardsci.com/store/

Cooperative Program: E&I Cooperative Services

Contract No: CNR01459

Contract Expiration Date: 6/30/2028

Category: Instructional & School Supplies

Sub Category: Scientific Equipment & Supplies

Company Type: Company