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​Gordian provides indefinite quantity/indefinite delivery construction contracting systems that are used by public and private facility and infrastructure owners to procure repair, alteration and construction services. Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (“JOC”) solutions include all of the services and products necessary for a successful JOC Program, including a locally customized Construction Task Catalog®, Technical Specifications, Contract Documents and eGordian® information management software. The JOC solutions are available to cooperative organizations and their members through Gordian’s ezIQC® brand, and provide members a range of additional support options to choose from including Job Order Development and Construction Management Services. In addition to procuring construction through the ezIQC program, members with significant repair, alteration and construction budgets can obtain their own JOC program by piggybacking the competitively procured contract awarded by NJPA.

Contact Person: Tony Glenz

Contact Email: tony.glenz@sourcewell-mn.gov

Phone: 218-894-5491

Company Website: Gordian Group, Inc.

Cooperative Program: Sourcewell

Contract No: 091620-GGI

Contract Expiration Date: 10/1/2025

Category: Facilities

Sub Category: Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO)

Company Type: Company