Sourcewell contract 030923-KMP gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Low-speed, high-torque, single shaft shredders
  • Low-speed, high-torque, dual shaft shredders
  • Hybrid power star screens
  • Ballistic separators
  • Hydraulic trommel screens
  • Straddle-type windrow turners
  • Windsifter plastics & light material separators
  • Hybrid power stone separators

Contact Person: Ljubica Hood

Contact Email: lhood@komptechamericas.com

Phone: 720-890-9090

Company Website:  

Cooperative Program: Sourcewell

Contract No: 030923-KMP

Contract Expiration Date: 5/3/2027

Category: Facilities

Sub Category: Recycling & Repurposing Equipment

Company Type: Company