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​A playground company by any other name is not nearly as sweet. Here at Little Tikes Commercial, we believe how you get to the perfect playground is just as important as all the wonderful things that the kids will find when they get there. The path to playground enlightenment begins with a single question: how do we make certain that the journey from idea all the way to imagination station is as easy and fun as possible? For us, it’s a simple game of connect-the-dots. From Quality to Safety, across to Innovation, squiggling up to Green Building and looping around to Funding and Service. It’s what we do best, time and time again.

Contact Person: Julie Ketcherside

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Phone: 573-760-7380

Company Website: Little Tikes Commercial

Cooperative Program: Sourcewell

Contract No: 010521-LTS-4

Contract Expiration Date: 2/17/2025

Category: Athletic Facilities

Sub Category: Athletic and Recreational Surfaces, Playgrounds and Equipment, Skateparks

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