School Specialty

​School Specialty understands that, as an educator, your main goal is to help students reach their full potential. That's why we've teamed with National IPA, so you can help your students succeed within your budget.

Through our partnership, you receive:

  • 35% off List Price (for items with 8 or 9 prefixes)

  • Exclusive National IPA market basket with more than 800 high-demand products with even deeper discounts (ask your local School Specialty Account Manager for details)

  • 12% off list price for all furniture items with a 6 or 7 prefix

  • Free shipping on all truck delivered items – items with 6 or 8 prefixes – That's all non-parcel furniture and equipment – SHIPS FREE

  • Free shipping on parcel orders of $49 or more - items with 7 or 9 prefixes

  • National IPA member rebate program

  • Discounts on supplies, and loose and contracted furniture and equipment with contract #R141608 

  • Discounts on physical education and extra-curricular products with contract #R5207


Contact Person: Belkys Quintana

Contact Email:

Phone: 786-314-8017

Company Website: School Specialty

Cooperative Program: Omnia Partner

Contract No: R190503

Contract Expiration Date: 6/30/2024

Category: Office & School Supplies

Sub Category: School Supplies

Company Type: Company