Sourcewell contract 070121-SIE gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • HVAC, cooling & heating systems, air balancing, ventilation, filtration, humidity control, air cleaning products
  • Energy management & control systems
  • Energy savings performance contracts
  • Distribution systems & co-generation plants
  • Building envelope systems
  • Water & sewage systems
  • Lighting systems, including disinfectant lighting
  • UVC light technology for air handlers
  • Bi-polar ionization technology
  • Fire & security systems, including thermal imaging, UV-sanitizing entry gates, contact tracing, & touchless visitor management & registration
  • Remote system services for fire, security, HVAC, & thermal imaging
  • Service & maintenance

Contact Person: Toni Stoddard

Contact Email:

Phone: 703-689-1472

Company Website: Siemens

Cooperative Program: Sourcewell

Contract No: 070121-SIE

Contract Expiration Date: 8/12/2025

Category: Facilities

Sub Category: HVAC

Company Type: Company