TelLogic, Inc. d.b.a E-Rate Central

Tel/Logic Inc. d.b.a. E-Rate Central is a Corporation registered in the State of New York and was initially incorporated in New York on March 30. 1998. E-Rate Central was established in 1997 for the sole purpose of helping schools, school districts, and libraries successfully navigate the complex and time-consuming rules and procedures of the Federal E-rate Program. The overriding goal that drives our organization is simple: make the E-rate program work for our clients.

E-Rate Central, does not provide, nor does Tel/Logic or any of its employees have a financial or marketing interest in any other organization that provides E-rate eligible services. Most specifically, Tel/Logic does not have a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN), a basic requirement for doing business as an E-rate vendor.  We are a registered consultant with USAC and have been assigned Consultant Registration Number (CRN) 16060891.

Our services traditionally include, but are not limited to, statewide training , program management for projects similar to those requested in this RFP, procurement assistance, E-rate forms preparation, application review, advocating policy on behalf of clients, audit support and appeal preparation.

Our client base includes State Governmental Agencies, large consortiums, libraries, and public-school districts across the nation. E-Rate Central is a member of the State E-rate Coordinators Alliance (SECA) and the only consulting firm representing state interests in more than three states. E-Rate Central is a founding member of the E-rate Management Professionals Association (E-mpa®) E-Rate Central has been an elected member of the E-mpa® board since E-mpa®’s inception. Our employees have professional backgrounds outside of E-Rate Central that include state E-rate Coordination, telecommunications, school district administration, and leadership positions within the Schools and Libraries Division of USAC.

E-rate Central is a leading source of E-rate information, nationwide. Our widely read weekly newsletter demystifies the E-rate program for applicants, service providers, and other consultants. It is distributed via email, our web site, and social media and provides news, tips, and analysis of current events in plain language that program participants can use to solve real E-rate problems. We customize our newsletter for our individual state clients so that relevant state E-rate news is disseminated along with the national news that is a part of our core distribution.

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