VWR International LLC

Contract Highlights
  • Access to Avantor's portfolio of products and services, including research & development, equipment & instrumentation, laboratory consumables, chemicals, clinical products, science education, and laboratory furniture solutions

  • Tiered participation levels (basic, co-primary, primary)

  • Improved product and category discounts under the new contract

  • Tiered market basket and member-specific hotlist

  • No fuel surcharge

  • Access to Ward's Science and Sargent Welch Science Education and Healthcare specific lists

Contact Person:

Contact Email:

Phone: 800.932.5000

Company Website: https://us.vwr.com/store/

Cooperative Program: E&I Cooperative Services

Contract No: CNR01459

Contract Expiration Date: 6/30/2028

Category: Furniture

Sub Category: Furniture

Company Type: Company