Vari Sales Corporation

VariDesk® is now Vari®. We started by developing the world’s leading sit-stand desk converter to help a coworker with back pain, but we’re so much more than a desk. We are flexible workspace solutions made simple and installed fast.

And, we haven’t stopped innovating. From a collection of office furniture to workspaces offering space-as-a-service, we provide everything needed to unlock the potential of your workforce.

Today, we have over 2 million fans worldwide. We’ve shipped products to more than 120 countries, and our solutions are in 98% of Fortune 500 companies.

Contact Person: Candice Liles

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Phone: 972.538.2081

Company Website: Varidesk

Cooperative Program: Omnia Partner

Contract No: R221004

Contract Expiration Date: 12/31/2027

Category: Furniture

Sub Category: Furniture

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